Are you single?  Tired of meeting drunk people at the bar?  Too shy to ask the girl or guy feeling up the avocados how to tell if they are ripe?  Sick of the endless flake systems and data driven singles sites?  The gym…  enough said.  Get in your f**king car and head to the Dog Park!

I don’t think it is any secret that the Dog Park is a great place to snag yourself a date.

It seems the hardest part of meeting people in real life without having the liquid courage in you is simply breaking the ice.  Everyone has their armor up and these days, barely anyone even says “Hi” when passing by in the streets.  Not the case at the Dog Park.  Everyone is there milling around with their dogs.  It is impossible for you not to get the attention from every dog in the place.  All those dogs belong to people…  people that love to talk about their dogs.  This makes for the easiest gateway for a simple icebreaker.

There are even more bonuses to Dog Park patrons.  They all care about something.  They have all taken the trip for the happiness of a pet.  That right there is a damn good quality in a person, so chances are, they would be a pretty good person to be with.

You also DO NOT need to have a dog to go to the dog park.  If anything, a trip to the park will put a smile on your face.  We all know smiles are a good way to start a date.

I am going to leave your methods up to you.  Simply bringing this to your attention but here are some small pointers to boost your luck and reduce your creep factor.

  • If you ask the for the dogs name ask the owners name!  I cannot believe how many time I’ve been out and have seen this…  mind boggling
  • Don’t lurk around someone that seems to be minding their own business
  • Don’t walk circles around the hottest guy or girl in the park
  • Pick up your dog sh*t
  • Don’t be a dog yourself, be a human and let your dog do the rest

Happy Dog Park Dating!